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Protests keep going on around in Europe. 气候大会欧洲各国示威不止


Denmark Government announced that there are 105 foreign heads of government attending the COP-15 conference. The number of delegates, experts and people accredited by non-governmental associations added up to over 15,000. It reported that just before Dec.7th, many European countries had “climate demonstrations,” calling on leaders from each country to take action to resist global warming to save the earth. This protest began at 12:18 pm  on Dec. 5yh in London, U.K., Berlin, Germany, Brussels, Belgium, Paris, France, Stockholm, Sweden, Dublin, Ireland, and etc.  The time 12:18 implies the ending date of this conference.


There were about 40.000 protesters. Prime Minister Brown met the representatives of this protest, indicating he understood the strong climate change concerns of those protesters. He also pointed out the atmosphere of climate change issue is rather cogent at the moment. The protest organization told the press that this is the largest protest in recent years. The protesters ask that the developed countries must promise their emission cut goals for 2050.


Some protesters, portraying various countries’ presidents, soaked in a big water jar. As the leaders are holding the conference, the water level in this jar is slowly rising, indicating the urgency and importance of global climate issue.


In Paris, Hundreds of protesters demonstrated on the streets regardless of the rain. They stated that this protest aimed to pressure he French government.  In downtown Marseille, tens of environmentalists used percussion instruments and whistles to increase their influence.

This weekend in Copenhagen is relative quiet. However,  some Media indicated that the protests will continue in the following week, some of which will be somehow radical. As a result, the security work will be challenged.

“These demonstrations just a preface of what will be happening on Saturday Dec. 12th when the rest of the world will take their opportunity to demonstrate mid-way through the UN Climate Talks. Mobilizations are planned from all around Europe to Copenhagen itself, where there will be a march from the Danish Parliament building to the venue of the Talks. See .

On the same day there will be demonstrations and events all around the world with 10,000 expected in ‘Walks against Warming’ in Australia, up to 50,000 expected on the streets of New Delhi, 20,000 at a concert in Utrecht and a host of other events from Dakar to Djakarta and from Buenos Aires to Istanbul. See details of all these and more here








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