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Seal the deal?


Standing at the front of a long convoluted line, I was filled with excitement and anticipation. Everyone was.

We had been waiting there for more than an hour to be allowed into the plenary session at Bella Center and witness the opening ceremony of the global deal, COP 15. Yes, it was 9:45 a.m., the time they have promised to let everyone in.  All of a sudden, the security guys announced that only those with the secondary yellow badges will be allowed.  We have been waiting for more than an hour and nobody mentioned anything like that. Everyone went boisterous. But there was no deal; the whole line jumped before us. “ We have been waiting here and getting nothing”. We kept waiting wondering, crossing our fingers and nagging the security if there could be any extra spots.

Luckily, Mr. Security reluctantly let us in. Nothing could have been better. We got in there, joined the team and shared the excitement. The audience was truly inspired to see a film made by children and the Denish choir. (I’ve included it below).

After that, the Danish Prime Minister, His Excellency, Mr. Lars Lokke Rasmussen, and the Mayor of Copenhaen, her Excellency , Ms, Ritt Bjerregard, and Dr. Rajendra Pahauri, Chair of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, delivered wonderful speeches describing Copenhagen’s environmentally conscious citizens and city. The mayor said the harbor is so clean that one could even swim, but she doubted if her distinguished guests would try it in the icy cold water.

Then the regional groups delivered their national statements. Everyone focused on finance and technology transfer, emissions targets as high as 30 to 40%, and mitigation and adaptation actions. However, one country seemed to be very disappointed by what Papua New Guinea had to say; the tension between them appeared pretty tense. Also, Saudi Arabia made a statement saying, “the level of trust upon climate science has been shaken” by the recent Climategate scandal and that since the UN’s “action will affect the whole global economy and the financial losses will be huge, a thorough detailed global investigation should be made before any action is taken” and it should be done by the whole global community not by IPCC alone.

With everything said and done, I am curious if we could seal the deal.

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