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EU to regroup in Brussels


-Keelin Kelly, Castle Rock, CO

While many COP-15 delegates will spend the remainder the week in Copenhagen, important EU leaders will make their way to Brussels to separately discuss their positions. The goal of their meeting is to refocus their position to appeal to many parties within the conference. They do not want to alienate the U.S., but they also do not want to appear as pandering to the U.S. too much at the expense of estranging developing nations, especially important ones like India and China.

Notably, the EU will try and work to come up with a solution for climate financing which has become a very contentious problem in the negotiations process. Notably, Sweden, the current EU president, is leading the way on climate financing by offering substantial funding itself. However, it may be difficult for Sweden to urge other nations to commit significant funding.

However, the EU is unlikely to pledge to reduce its emissions more than 20% by 2020 compared to 1990 levels. Commitments by the U.S. and other major players are not enough to allow the EU to increase its reductions targets. Clearly, what will be obvious from the EU’s side meeting is that the group is in a very precarious place. It cannot make the reductions it wants to because other nations will not commit substantial reductions. Furthermore, it must forge a middle ground between the U.S. and developing nations. The EU’s complicated position highlight the generally complex nature of the overall process and speaks to why the negotiations have yet to produce a successful agreement.

For more information about this issue, go here:\-side-summit-may-not-change-much/379223/

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