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The Third Day: Seeking Justice


很多发展中国家把哥本哈根会议看作是他们找寻正义,追寻公理的最佳机会,可是大会的第三天,却传出有一份由发达国家协商制定的哥本哈根协议的草案. 据称,草案完全背离了发达国家跟发展中国家 “共同但有区别的责任”的原则,甚至荒谬的给发展中国家制定了减排任务却弱化了发达国家提供的资金技术的问题.


中国代表团副团长苏伟也对这份协议予以谴责. 他说:“协议中留有一些诸如X、Y的空白交由谈判协商,实际上是为发展中国家设置强制目标。 这对于正处于工业化进程中的发展中国家是不公平的。”

Many developing countries regard Copenhagen as the chance for them to seek justice and they want to find consensus in the negotiation. Nevertheless, the on third day of the conference, many developing countries expressed their strong protest around a “black box operation” of the draft agreement from developed countries. This draft is subtitled as “Copenhagen Protocol”, and also known as the “Danish Text”.

Alleged that this led by the host country, Denmark, and cooperated with some developed countries. It discards the principle of “common but differentiated responsibilities” , and even upside down for some developing countries to set of the emission reduction obligations, and the weakening of the developed countries to provide financial obligations.

“This is an incredible deal, it is definitely more than two years will be completely subvert efforts to negotiate,” Lumumba said the representative of the Sudan, “it does not take into account the voices of developing countries!”

Su Wei, deputy head of the Chinese delegation also condemned the agreement. He said that the agreement left some, such as X, Y, blank by negotiation, in fact set mandatory targets for developing countries. He pointed out that for is in the process of industrialization in developing countries is not fair.

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