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–Keelin Kelly, Castle Rock, CO

The EU finally came forth with a proposal to provide 7.2 billion Euros of climate change mitigation and adaptation financing to developing nations between 2010 and 2012. However, the offer was roundly rejected by the G-77 which represents most developing nations at UN climate talks. In fact, the G-77 claimed the EU’s offer was so small EU leaders should be considered climate skeptics. (

In general, the move made the EU even more distrusted by many developing nations. While the EU has always been a strong leader within the process, its leadership and faith to the issue of stopping climate change is being called into question by many G-77 members. Nevertheless, Yvo De Boer and other leaders of the COP praised the EU and claimed its financing proposal would contribute to the overall success of the conference. (

I feel as if I make this comment every time about the EU, but it really is true—most EU actions thus far serve to highlight the immense complexity of the negotiations process. No progress has really been made, and it does not appear as if issues are heading in a positive direction. If anything, Copenhagen has served to demonstrate the enormous difficulties within the negations process, and it has exposed deep divisions that separate parties thereby negating the negotiation’s overall progress.

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