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Enter: Copenhagen, the Land of Inaction


I have finally arrived at the Mecca of climate change negotiations – The Bella Centre. It is the ultimate destination for anyone who wishes to see the world as a better place.

The day started with us reaching outside the Bella early in the morning in order to avoid the maddening rush of attendees later in the day. However, it seemed as if everyone else was thinking the same way, and we ended up getting squeezed in line outside, amongst the thousand others who were still seeking accreditation.

However, it was all a part of the experience and I can confidently say we enjoyed every moment. Getting privileged access into the Centre through a special line (because we already had accreditation) made me feel like a movie star. Once inside, it was all serious business.

On Saturday, we walked in and straight went to meet Senator Lugar’s right hand man, Mr. Mark Helmke. He gave us a quick and good overview on how these negotiations work and why he was there. He has attended some of the previous C.O.P.s and he knows quite well what goes on behind the scenes.  However he remained both enthusiastic and encouraging throughout the talk session. It was a good start to my Copenhagen trip, because he helped me get a picture of COP-15 and how America would play its part in it.

In the evening I went the Klima Forum also as the people’s climate change summit. This conference is almost like the one at Bella, minus the official delegates, security and procrastination. Klima Forum was a melting pot for all those genuinely concerned about the environment and the future of our generation. The people here are directly involved through various Non Governmental projects and action groups. It was nice to see the other face of climate change action- -the side that actually wants to see change.

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