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12.14 Monday, a day of waiting


On Monday, Yi and I got up before 5:30 and were so excited because it was the first time for us to go to Bella Center and attend the UNFCCC conference.  We arrived at Bella Center at 8:00 am and were shocked by the enormous long line waiting to get accreditation: it was a 5-meters-wide, more than a-hundred-meters long line and it seemed that we needed to spend all the day to get to the door.

But actually things were worse. Today, none of the NGO delegates were able to get the accreditation even some who arrived here at 6 am and left at 6 p.m. Some people even came here directly with huge and heavy suitcases. Thousands of us waited outside the gate. Sometimes there were free sandwiches and coffee passing by, but it was still cruel to let so many people stand outside for the whole day in the freezing cold, even when the snow came.

While standing amidst the crowd, eagerly and desperately waiting, we talked to people beside us. There was a group of Netherland Government people. They seemed optimistic about their future although I think they are in one of the most dangerous places due to global warming. In their opinion, there’s no worry about their cities being flooded because of rising  sea levels, and they believe there must be some solution to this problem so they do not need to worry at all.  And when we mentioned the  EU’s stance, they arrogantly said that Europe  has done a lot to address global warming –that is enough and they just need to wait for the world to take more action.

Then, we heard that the UN would have more restrictions on NGO’s accreditation on Tuesday.  We were totally frustrated. What made us feel worse was not staying in line for hours but rather that the UN did not say anything for their ridiculous delay. People around us were getting more and more impatient. We kept wondering what would happen now and what we should do next, but not a single word could we get from inside.

Finally, we went home, angry and depressed. We thought we were unlucky, and more disappointed at the unreasonable UN’s action – at least they should have told us what was their arrangement instead of letting thousands of people stand in the freezing cold outside for a whole day. Some people said that as the COP-15 has more and more crucial controversies beginning, state parties do not want outsiders to see their most heated arguments.

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