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China Press Briefing @Bella Center Dec. 15n


During the day in Bella Center, I attended a press briefing held by Chinese delegates in China’s News Center. Xie Zhenhua, deputy director of the Development and Reform Commission, discussed the progress of the talks and answered questions of reporters.

Xie said that in the first phase of the negotiations, the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference  has made progress in a fierce struggle.

In the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) negotiations, there are parallel tracks, the Working Group on the Kyoto Protocal and the Working Group on Longterm Cooperative Action.  The “dual system” reflects the requirements of the Bali road map, but there is still plenty of room for a negotiated solution to the problem outside of the working groups.  In the next phase, countries will continue to focus on the conventions and protocols discussed.

Xie said China hopes that the Copenhagen meeting will yield positive results and he expects to reach a legally binding agreement soon. Developed and developing countries, acting within the framework of the Convention and the Protocol and accepting the “common but differentiated responsibilities” principle, should develop emission reduction targets and mitigation actions in accordance with the “dual track.”

To bear the historical responsibility, developed countries should take the lead in sharply reducing emissions  to create space for development by the developing countries.  Developing countries should implement sustainable development policies and measures in accordance with their national conditions, and take appropriate mitigation and adaptation actions. Their development priority should be safeguarded.

Xie Zhenhua said developed countries should provide funding, technology transfer and capacity-building support commitments to developing countries.  China, as a developing country, is eligible to receive funds under the Convention’s provisions,  but it is willing to give priority to small island countries, African countries and least developed countries, and are also willing to participate fully in South-South cooperation, bilateral cooperation and other forms, in order to help these countries .

Xie said the Chinese government’s announced targets to reduce carbon emission intensity reflects the best efforts the Chinese side can do to show the Chinese Government is actively tackling climate change and promoting Copenhagen conference.  The Chinese have a  sincere desire to achieve positive results in practice.

China’s mitigation actions are autonomous, voluntary, without any preconditions, not with any country’s emission reduction targets linked to, and also non-negotiable.

press were inside, NGOs were outside

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