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One Day in Bella Center


Tuesday (Dec.15) is the first day that UN started to use the secondary badge. That means only limited part of the NGO can get in to Bella center, and a more limited part can get accreditation. We finally entered Bella Center today!

Hoping to enter Bella Center today, Yi and I got up at 5am and arrived at 7am. Fortunately, the line is not terribly long at than time, what we needed to do is only to stay in line and wait Kelsey to bring us the secondary badge.

(first round- outside the gate of Bella Center)

At 9am, we were finally getting the gate of Bella Center. However, there’s another line wait for us. It is on the way to the security check, and it took about 3hours.

During the waiting, we talked to a German man who works for IETA(International Emissions Trading Association) in Switzerland. He, as most of German people, believes that German is making great efforts on Climate issue. He thinks Germany has got apparently technological measure on preventing global warming,  and now Germany is in a good condition of environment. Germany has completed the promise in Kyoto Protocol and far ahead of the world on this issue. Now what German need to is mainly to support other countries.

(second round- Inside the gate, outside the buiding)

At about 12pm, we finally got through the security check and not surprisingly to find the third round of waiting. However, as we were already in the building, it was not freezingly cold and we felt this line is the fastest one.

(Third Round- Inside Bella Center)

I got my accreditation at about 1pm. I was so excited, finally I can have chance to attend the conference!

During the day I attended some side events and visited a great number of booths. All the booths are quite interesting. Some of the booths show the energy-saving technology, like wind energy, terrestrial heating, or Biomass. Some booths are showing the international environmental organizations, in order to exhibit their efforts on preventing climate change as well as advertising their organization. And some booths stand for a certain country. We saw the Chinese booth, it shows China’s effort on developing the technology of energy saving, and the policy from the government in order to influence people’s behavior. In South Korean’s booth, the lady their introduced their Green Education program to us. They think in terms of South Korea, the main emission of Greenhouse Gas is not coming from industries but the daily behavior of everyone, thus it is more important to make people aware of the importance of protection the environment and what can people do to make efforts. I totally agree with this idea. Daily actions really count a lot to this issues.

(China Booth)

However, there is one thing that I noticed is that these booths as well as the whole conference uses a great amount of papers. We can see the posters and flyers are flying all the way inside and outside Bella Center. Sometimes people even do not pay attention to it and throw them into dustbin immediately. It is ridiculous as we are negotiating about how to protect our environment while use tons of papers by cutting down forests.

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