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Wen Jiabao: China has made unremitting efforts and positive contributions to address climate change 温家宝: 中国为应对气候变化作出了不懈努力和贡献


By Pucong Han, Beijing China

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao attended the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen on December 18.  During the Conference, premier Wen said that China is important to the process of the development of climate change.   In order to address climate change, China has made unremitting efforts and positive contributions.  Premier Wen said that China was the first developing countries that implemented a “National Climate Change Program” and called for an energy-saving emission reduction in recent years.  As of the first half of this year, China’s energy consumption per unit of GDP has reduced by 13% compared with the figures in 2005.  This reduction of energy consumption is equivalent to cut 800 million tons of carbon dioxide. Based upon Premier Wen’s speech, China is the fastest-growing country in the world to practice new energy and renewable energy while experiencing the period of industrialization and urbanization.  In particular, China currently experiences a critical stage of development which coal-dominated energy creates difficulties to reduce its emissions.  However, Premier Wen further clarifies that China always treat climate change issues as one of the most serious tasks.

(Come from: China News 中国新闻网  新华社记者 曾毅 摄

Premier Wen also stressed that the Chinese Government has established a target to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions.  This target is made according to China’s national conditions, which is responsible for the Chinese people and all the mankind.  No matter what results that are being reached at the end of the Copenhagen Conference, China will unswervingly achieve this national target in dealing with the climate change issues and even exceed this goal.

新华网哥本哈根12月18日电(记者田帆 徐力宇)国务院总理温家宝18日在哥本哈根气候变化会议领导人会议上发表讲话时表示,中国在发展的过程中高度重视气候变化问题,为应对气候变化作出了不懈努力和积极贡献。

(Come from: China News 中国新闻网   新华社记者庞兴雷摄





中国总理 温家宝18日出席哥本哈根气候变化大会领导人会议并发表重要讲话,全面阐述中国政府应对气候变化问题的立场、主张和举措。温家宝强调,中国政府确定减缓温 室气体排放的目标是中国根据国情采取的自主行动,是对中国人民和全人类负责的,不附加任何条件,不与任何国家的减排目标挂钩。无论本次会议达成什么成果, 中方都将坚定不移地为实现、甚至超过这个目标而努力。

Come from: China News

此翻译内容来源于中国网新闻 (这篇文章目的是让外国学生学习并分享中国对气候变化以及哥本哈根会议作出的贡献)

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