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Stay tuned to the news…info is still sparse


The last two hours or so have been frantic.  I feel like it’s New Years, except it’s New Treaty.  The only difference is you have to phrase it “New Treaty?” because it’s not for certain what will happen.

The rest of this post will walk you through what we were discovering live in Copenhagen.  Considering our access to the Bella Center no longer exists and we are watching from our host homes, your info may be as good as ours.

As the announcement was breaking, I was sitting in my host home with the local news running.  Ole and Kuniko (Alex and my host) are attempting to translate the screen’s audio and the scrolling footer simultaneously.  I’m on the internet searching the news articles that have surfaced.  The New York Times is the first news source I check and they have somehow published an article with quotes from Obama before the Danish TV streamed anything.  I’m also Skyping with friends back in the U.S. trying to figure out if there is any additional information on the news there.  Contacts in Copenhagen tell me there are protests currently going on at the Bella Center, but that is a long bus ride away at this time of night.

It’s hard to know what is going on right now, but it appears there has been no more than a simple political accord.  No targets have been agreed upon, and Obama deftly deflected any questions asking for details.  If you want a real basic assessment of what has been parlayed to the public, consider this one quote that Kuniko translated from the Danish television:  “Climate skeptics should be happy with what was announced tonight.”  Ouch.

If you really need that dose of optimism, don’t worry.  Obama said it was a “meaningful and historic step forward.”  “A meaningful and historic step forward…A meaningful and historic step forward…An important first step…An important first step.”  Okay, that’s better.  Keep those mantras going.  But if this was the first step, what does that make Rio?  Oh well, Obama wasn’t even in politics then.

Kuniko also translated that we should expect a ‘COP-15.5’ to be held in Germany in six months.  This announcement was made by Sarkozy she says.  The aim will be to finish the Copenhagen agenda before next year’s COP-16 in Mexico.  This possibility was, in fact, predicted before COP-15 started.

My Skype-buddies in the States are desperately trying to figure out what is going on.  CNN and the local news are more concerned about the local weather and the current snow.  Great.

Continue checking news sources for updates.  There is still a lot of information that we don’t have.

Where I will be checking:

New York Times

Los Angeles Times


White House (suggested by our friends at The Copenhagen Questions)

COP-15 Website

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